Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So many kinds of greens!

Hi everyone out in WIAW land, I hope you've been having a great summer!  I've had a bit of a break from blogging, but I'm jumping back in the game.


This summer has been a really awesome one for me.  It marks the end of my first year since graduating from college *tear*, and I've got to say, it's so much better than last year's post-graduation summer of self-loathing.  (Recent grads my heart goes out to you, it will get better.)  This summer has been filled with free concerts, a relaxing vacation, and loads of gorgeous produce from the farmers market.  This last Sunday is a particularly good highlight of my farmers market finds, and also happens to be full of my summer staples!


I absolutely adore frittatas, and this one was particularly delicious.  You can find the recipe here.    
In case you didn't know, radish greens (yes the things on top of the radishes!) are edible, and very delicious.  I've been buying a bunch on the weekly, and I always make sure to use the greens. 


I made these babies shortly after breakfast, and I couldn't resist trying one!  They are absolutely delicious, with a slight sweetness and notable but not overpowering hint of sage.  Recipe coming soon!  You can find the recipe here.


Beet Greens with Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans

Lunch was a more thrown together affair, using some leftover black beans I had cooked the day before and a lonely little sweet potato.  Beet greens are another delicious topper that many people don't realize you can eat.  They actually are related to swiss chard, and have a very similar taste.  Of course I couldn't resist another Honey and Sage corn muffin.  So good!


Crimini and Kale Casserole

This dish is pretty much all of my favorite things baked in one delicious dish: whole wheat shell pasta, caramelised onion sauce, sauteed crimini mushrooms and kale, and a smattering of bacon topped off with a sprinkling of sharp white cheddar.  It's a decadent and delicious meal that is still (relatively) healthy.  Recipe coming soon!

All in all, Sunday was a beautiful day jammed pack of wonderful eats.  I topped it all off with a pink otter pop, because everyone knows that's the best flavor.  


  1. That was good pasta!

  2. Oh your pasta looks devine!!

  3. I must say, your pictures are getting way better. still submitting to gawker?

    1. Thanks, I have to say the new camera is really helping. I've been submitting, but I still keep getting rejected...


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