Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIAW- easy like Sunday morning

Hey y'all, I'm back.  I took a wee little hiatus from WIAW (and to a lesser extent blogging period), and it's done me some good.  I've had a chance to reconnect with the reason I started this damn thing, my undying love for all things tasty.

I've decided that documenting all of my Tuesday eats has been stressing me out, so I've decided to give Sunday a chance.  My Sundays are usually pretty relaxed (bathrobe all day) and are leisurely spent in the kitchen.

This past Sunday started in the wee hours of the afternoon... Well technically it was 11:30am, but whatever, it's Sunday so who's counting, right?


So I usually want a more elaborate breakfast on the weekends, but this Sunday I was STARVING when I woke up.  I placated the hunger beast with a fruit salad (apple, orange, strawberries) topped with some Greek yogurt and granola.  This of course was just the first course.

Up next roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onion.  It's seriously the easiest breakfast hash ever, since it is done in the oven rather than the stove top.  You just set it- "AND FORGET IT!!!"  (Anyone else ever watch that infomercial like a billion times as a kid, no, just me?)

I was pretty full after this, so I'm glad that the "dessert" took a while to finish:

Beautiful.  As long as I can remember I have been OBSESSED with artichokes.  Even as a kid, I would pester my mom to buy a couple every time I saw them.  Steamed simply with water and lemon, then dipped in melted butter- perfection.  This artichoke was particularly awesome because it came with an eight inch long stem = extra deliciousness (because lets be honest here the stem/heart is the best part).

Anyway after this crazy feast which took all of two or so hours to complete, I was pretty full for the rest of the afternoon.  At about 4pm I was feeling a bit peckish, so I made some hard boiled eggs.

The bowl next to them has the very best friend of hard boiled eggs, soy sauce with a squirt of sriracha-yum!  These were perfect too, soft and velvety, without the disgusting smelly green film around the yoke.  That friends is the sign of an overcooked egg.  For eggcelent hard boileds every time, all you have to do is cover your eggs in cold water, bring them to a boil, and then cover and remove from the heat, and let sit 12 minutes.  Seriously, it's like magic.

Dinner came a few hours later in the way of whole wheat penne with green garlic, bacon, and peas.  Delicious- spring on a plate.

Anyway, that's all for now folks!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great Wednesday.


  1. Mmmm yum, I love artichokes too! That one looks awesome - crazy long stem :)

  2. Happy WIAW, glad you're back! :) What a yummy brunch!


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