Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIAW 21- Cravings

Hey y'all,

Happy WIAW!

This Wednesday (errr Tuesday) I had some major savoury cravings.  Last night Mr. greenhorngourmande made one of my favorite crock-pot meals, Korean Pulled Pork.

Since I was saved the trouble of cooking, I took it upon myself to get a little creative with the leftovers.  So last night I made two dishes to use up the remaining porky goodness.  The first (and best in my opinion) was just some small diced potatoes simmered in the leftover pork/juices until tender.  It made an INCREDIBLE breakfast, but unfortunately I didn't remember to snap a picture.

For lunch I made this:

The pork stir-fried with the leftover rice, some spinach, and some daikon chunks.

It made a super tasty lunch, and I managed to convince myself it was okay to eat three meals of pulled pork in a row, because this time it had spinach.

My snacks today included:

Sorry for the recycled picture, but it is pretty much what I had today.  An apple, carrots, celery, and an orange.  No hummus today boys and girls, I already had way more than my fair share of protein.

By the time dinner rolled around I was feeling pretty porked out ( like a porker?), so I decided on one of my favorite light dishes:

Romaine with my favorite tomato sauce.

I know this sounds like a really weird combination, but I swear, this has to be one of the tastiest salad combinations I've ever had.  I imagine it would seem more legit with some chickpeas or grilled chicken, but I find it satisfying as is.

Running with this month's theme: Keeping it Green, I guess I managed to have a pretty successful WIAW.  Be sure to head over to Peas and Crayons to see how all the other lovelies (Including Jenn, our awesome host!) are keepin' it green.


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