Monday, November 14, 2011

Pie for the Poor

This Saturday I went to the most awesome event EVER!

Picture this boys and girls: free (good!) beer, 25 delicious savory pies, and a really good cause.  What is this gloriousness you ask?  The Brooklyn Kitchen hosted a savory pie contest to benefit the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry.  Basically people paid a small fee to enter the contest, and even smarter people (->yours truly<-) paid a small fee for the chance to taste these philanthropic pies.

There were about 25 pies in the contest, and I managed to snag pictures (though unfortunately not a taste!) of the ones I found most interesting.

Let the pie porn begin!!!

Why does that sound so much dirtier than food porn?

Chicken and Waffles Pie.  Seriously.  
I managed to get a tiny bite of this pie.  It was good, but not my favorite of the day.  It won a prize for best concept.

Samosa pie.  I really liked this one, I have a ridiculous love for samosa, and they did a really good job with the spice.

Beer Braised Turkey Galette.  This was the only galette in the competition, and while quite tasty was a bit dry.  I really liked the whale cut out though.

Massaman Pie. (Massaman Chicken Curry in pie!) This was the pie that won my heart (and vote), really though, how could this not be good?

Pork Belly and Ramen Pie.  I loved the idea of this one, but frankly was expecting something gross and mushy.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The noodles had a pretty good texture (all things considered), and the filling had a delicious sesame oil taste.

Cranberry and Pork Pie with Mustard and Cornichons.  Sadly I did not get to taste this masterpiece, it was all gone by the time I got to it.  It was definitely one of the more visually striking entrants.

Croque Madame Pie.  Again, a pie I did not get a chance to taste, but it won second place in the taste test.  Definitely one of the pies that had most of the tasters a flutter.

All in all it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  I didn't stick around to see who won the popular vote because I believe in journalistic excellence (hah!).  It was really cute, you could buy extra ballots and vote for your friends (or yourself) and all of the money went to the food pantry.

What do you think of food related charity?  Have you ever volunteered at a soup kitchen/ food pantry?


  1. Great looking pie pics. Where's smellovision when you need it!

  2. Massaman Curry pie sound like something I would have voted for too. was it as good as thai spice?

  3. Mike- Nothing is as good as thai spice. Ever. But it was still really tasty. Also my squash pissa recipe is up. Also, what the fuck happened to your blog?


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